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Sunday, February 5, 2012

DIY nail polish rack

Hey everyone today I made my own nail polish rack! It was super easy and inexpensive. All you need is:
3 black foam boards
Glue gun
Exacto knife
A ruler
A pencil
Leopard print duct tape (optional) you can also use any other color is you like.

I made my board about 15 inches long (you can make it as big as you want)
With the ruler I marked every 5 inches on the board with your pencil. Next get the second board and cut 4 2 inch strips and with the rest of the board cut 4 1inch strips. Now get the third board and cut 2.5inch strips (these should be cut horizontally making them longer then the other strips). Now we begin to glue the pieces together. Get the 2 longest pieces (2.5 inch strips) and glue them to the outer corner of the board. The four 2inch strips will be glued on the first board where we marked previously. Now get the four 1 inch strips and wrap them in the duct tape. Glue the 1inch strips to the four 2inch strips that are already glued on. I like to make sure that everything is very sturdy so I glue the corners again just to be safe.  Yayyy your nail polish rack is almost ready!!! 

Finally once your board is dry position it where ever you like and nail it to your wall (preferably 4 in each corner. 
Now your nail polish rack is ready. Stack it up with all your favorite polishes and even acetone and cotton  balls can be put on the top :)

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